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The UC
The UC

The Super Hero System

More than just a game, this is a lifestyle.
This is the official Super Hero System, a project of The Universal Conclave!
We at the Universal Conclave challenge you to participate in the RPG adventure of a lifetime.
Earn Experience Points by doing quests in the real world!

These are the official Questing guidelines, to make operations run smoothly.
On the 7th of February 2021, The Universal Conclave has agreed on the use of open primary guidelines for all Quests and Quest Applications.
The Major Quest section of The Super Hero System remains reasonably unchecked by the faculty of The Universal Conclave. This means that The Universal Conclave VZW cannot be held responsible for the Quests that are given to and by other users.
The UC Quest portion of The Super Hero System are Quests that have been validated by The Universal Conclave Council, officially known as the "Raad van Bestuur," or Board of Directors. These Quests are required to conform with the goals of The Universal Conclave vzw.
We do our best to ensure the security of your profile by using a daily Hero Code for Questing.
Version 1.0 of the full Quest Guideline Handbook is now being created, in cooperation with local public services such as law enforcement, medical professionals, and our allied organizations.

Mini Quests are basically free Experience Points that we give per day!(#miniquest!)
The smallest gestures can have the greatest impact. That's what we were thinking.
There's not always a way to prove that these daily quests have been done.
I mean, you do them in the outside world: whenever, wherever!

They are dailies after all!

That's why we trust YOU to live up to the spirit of Mini Quests! We hope that everyone will take it seriously, and do some good in the world!
Also, you can only do 5 Miniquests per day, and they aren't worth as many Experience Points as the other Quest Types.
That keeps everyone from taking too much advantage of it, and keeps it fun for everyone!
If you have any ideas for Mini Quests, get on the Quest page and throw us a Miniquest that anyone can vote on!

Everyone is invited to add Quests to The Super Hero System!
Your Quest application will then be looked over by The UC Council, or a representative of the The Super Hero System itself!
If your Quest is validated, it will show up in the "Major Quests" or "UC Quest" lists, along with other Quests from people who have done the same.
The EXP and badges that you want to add to your Quest is always revised by the Council.
Once it is completed, we may ask you for verification that the Quest has been completed!
Use the Contact Page if you have any questions about your Quest Application.

Major Quests are quests for the The Super Hero System that are submitted by everyone.
Major Quests that are submitted are checked by The Universal Conclave Council, and will be validated if the Quest is accepted.
If the quest is not accepted, the Major Quest will be deleted, and we will do our best to notify you.
Major Quests are also subject to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.
More information can be found on our Legal Page.

Hero Classes




The Adventurer
An Adventurer travels the world, completing quests for others!
They receive Quests involving the problems of this world, and work to make the world a better place...

100 Badges: Adventurer Title

The Arbiter
Throughout history, Arbiters have always been the problem solvers of humanity!
Resolving disputes, sorting out right and wrong; Arbiters are the judges of fairness in a world of chaos...

100 Badges: Arbiter Title

The Sage
Since ancient times, Sages have traveled our planet in search of knowledge, to spread what they learn to others.
For knowledge to become wisdom, right and wrong aren't enough. Sages seek all perspectives...

100 Badges: Sage Title

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